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Mondays-Thursdays, 10-7pm
Fridays, 10-5pm
Saturdays, 10-1pm

2018 Policies 

Library Board Statement: 

The following policies were prepared by the Library Board of the Wilson Public Library and establish the operational policy of the library.  These objectives and policies will be examined annually and may be revised at any time by action of the Library Board as outlined in the by-laws governing the Trustees.



Mission Statement

To serve as a gathering place for the community and to connect our patrons to Cozad’s past, present, and future.

General Objectives

To be an active and progressive institution which provides materials in a variety of formats and reflects the particular needs, interests and lifestyles of its users.

To serve the community as a reliable center of information through collections, reference services, technology and programming. 

To provide access to resources and services beyond its own facilities through interlibrary loan and cooperative arrangements with other libraries, agencies and organizations at the local, regional and state levels.

To provide professional library staff to serve the community.

To provide adequately equipped and accessible library and meeting room facilities.

To provide opportunity and encouragement for all patrons to educate themselves.

To identify community needs, to provide programs and technology to meet such needs, and to cooperate with other organizations, agencies and institutions which can provide programs or services to meet community needs.

To provide opportunity for recreation through use of literature, technology, music, films, and other art forms.


All aspects of materials selection will aim at implementing the library's general objectives and should meet most of the following general criteria in order to be selected: 

public demand, interest or need
contemporary significance, popular interest or permanent value
attention of critics or reviewers
prominence, authority, and/or competence of author or creator
timeliness of material
relation to the existing collection
statement of challenging, original or alternative point of view
authenticity of historical, regional or social setting
local or regional significance
price and/or availability

Challenges to Materials Selection

The library recognizes that many items are controversial and that any given item may offend some patrons.  Selection will not be made on the basis of any anticipated approval or disapproval, but solely on the merits of the work in relation to building a well-rounded collection and to serving the interest of the reader.  Serious works which present an honest aspect of certain problems or of life in our society are not necessarily excluded because of coarse language or frankness. 

Patrons finding certain materials objectionable to the community may request that they be reconsidered by using the Request for Reconsideration Form and returning said form to Library Director.

Formats Collected

Print, Audiovisual, Electronic and Digital Media
Multimedia kits and microforms
Formats collected may change as new forms of media are developed


Different formats within the library are labeled for patron ease of use.  Staff are available to assist patrons with finding materials.  Examples:  CD/CA for audiobooks, DVD/VHS for video, BP for backpacks, CP for cake pans, LP for Large Print, etc.

Certain genres may also be labeled for patron ease of use.  Examples include: Religious Fiction (REL), Chapter Books (CB), New titles (NEW),  and Young Adult (YA).

Materials Selection

Ultimate responsibility for selection of materials rests with the Library Director who operates within the framework of policies and objectives determined by the Library Board.  So far as practical, all members of the staff will participate in the selection process.

The library will maintain an up-to-date array of selection tools such as reviewing services, review publication, catalogs, etc.

The library will endeavor always to balance special interest groups with general demands and to present fairly both sides of controversial subjects.

Public demand is a valid factor in materials selection; consideration is given to the interests of the few as well as the many.  Therefore, patrons may request materials not found in the Library collection.  These requests will be considered by the Library Director for purchase and addition to the collection. Interlibrary Loan services will be utilized to obtain requested items if they are not purchased but are available via another library.


The Wilson Public Library Board recognizes its circulation records identifying the names of library users with specific materials are confidential in nature.

All staff are advised that such records shall not be made available to any agency of state, federal, or local government except pursuant to such process, order, or subpoena as may be authorized under the authority of, and pursuant to federal, state, or local laws relating to civil, criminal, or administrative discovery procedure or legislative power.

The Library Board shall resist the issuance or enforcement of any such process, order or subpoena until such time as proper showing of good cause has been made in a court of competent jurisdiction.


Anyone who wishes to file a complaint alleging discrimination--in the provision of services, activities, programs, or benefits by the Wilson Public Library--may do so by filing the complaint in writing. It must contain information about the alleged discrimination such as name, address, and phone number of complainant and location, date, and description of the problem. Alternative reasonable means of filing complaints, such as personal interviews or a tape recording of the complaint, will be made available for persons with disabilities upon request.

The complaint must be submitted by the grievant and/or his/her designee as soon as possible but no later than 60 calendar days after the alleged violation to:
Library Director
910 Meridian Ave
Cozad, NE  69130

The Library Director or his/ her designee will then meet with the complainant to discuss complaint and possible resolutions followed by a written response from the Library Director explaining the position of the Library and agreed upon resolution of the complaint.  Appeals may be made to the Library Board.

The library’s Personnel Policy governs employment-related grievances.


The library is a public service institution, and every effort is made to maintain regular hours for the public.  The library will be closed only when weather conditions deteriorate to the point where emergency situations prevail, when vital equipment in the building fails, or when there is a general emergency that mandates closure or lockdown/shelter and place status.  The decision to close the library will be made by the Library Director (or supervisor on duty) in coordination with the City Office.  After City Office hours, the decision will be made by the Library Director. 

There is a local phone available which dials 784-phone numbers.  Long distance phone calls are not allowed.  If a child needs to contact a guardian via cell phone, that is the responsibility of said guardian, not the library staff.

Fire Alarm

In case of fire/fire alarm sounding, library patrons in the building will be asked to leave by the nearest exit.  Library Director (or supervisor on duty) will call 911 and, if possible, ensure that no one is in the building before exiting.  Staff will be asked to meet at Davis Dental, north of the library.

Security Cameras

Security cameras are used to enhance the safety and security of library users and staff by discouraging violations of the Library's Rules of Conduct, to assist library staff in preventing the occurrence of any violations, and when necessary, to provide law enforcement assistance in prosecuting criminal activity.

Access to the footage in pursuit of documented incidents of criminal activity or violation of the Library's Rules of Conduct is restricted to Library Administration and Information Technology Staff. In situations involving banned patrons or violations to the Library's Rules of Conduct, stored images may be shared with all staff. Lawful Orders of the Court or subpoenas are needed for access beyond designated library and technology staff. All non-city requests for video footage will be referred to the City Attorney. Circumstances apply if anyone is in immediate physical danger on library property, law enforcement will be provided immediate access to security video footage without a subpoena in order to create a safe environment for library staff and users.

Signs are posted at library entrances informing the public that security cameras are in use. Cameras may be installed in areas where individuals lack a reasonable expectation of privacy such as entrances, book stacks, public seating areas and hallways. Cameras will not be installed in areas of the Library where individuals have a reasonable expectation of privacy, such as in restrooms. Cameras may also be installed on the exterior of the building to document activity on Library property, public streets, and surrounding properties.

Because security cameras are not constantly monitored, staff and public should take appropriate precautions for their safety and for the security of personal property. Neither Wilson Public Library nor the City of Cozad is responsible for loss of property or personal injury. Current software deletes images automatically as the capacity of the hard drive is reached, generally after 30 days. Cameras are not installed for the purpose of monitoring staff performance.

Service Animals

            Animals, pets, birds, etc. will not be allowed in the library.  The only exceptions to this will be the use of a service

            animal by a disabled individual or a special program set up by the library.     

Severe Weather

In case of tornado watches, business will proceed as usual.  If a tornado warning is issued, the library will be closed until the warning for Cozad/Dawson County has expired per the National Weather Bureau.  Library patrons in the building will be allowed to remain in the library’s designated tornado shelters until the tornado warning has expired.  Unattended minors will be asked to stay in the building until a guardian picks them up or until the tornado warning has expired.


The public library provides as many attractive, educational and cultural exhibits as possible.  There is a kiosk and a glass display case in the main library for additional exhibits.

No poster display, exhibit, pamphlet, brochure, booklet, etc. shall be exhibited, displayed or placed in the library for distribution without permission of the Library Director.  Items may be displayed for two weeks unless special arrangements have been made by the Library Director.

The library assumes no responsibility for the preservation or protection from possible damage or theft of any item displayed or exhibited. 

No political advertising or solicitation is permissible.    


To achieve the goal of good library service, the Library Board will strive to provide and maintain the public library facilities which will adequately meet the physical requirements of modern, aggressive library service.  Such facilities will offer the community a compelling invitation to enter, read, look, listen, learn, discover, and explore. 

In the library proper, food or drinks are not allowed. Inside community rooms, there are restrictions of food and drink allowance.

Neither tobacco use nor e-cigarette (also vaping) use is permitted on library property. Tobacco use includes all smoking and chewing tobacco products.  Patrons choosing to smoke outside must do so off of library property.

Community Rooms: Use and Reservations.

Library meetings receive first consideration in scheduling all events. In event of conflict, secondary preference is given to meetings which are free and open to public, or at Library Director’s discretion. No Saturday afternoon, Sunday or holiday meetings will be scheduled. Meetings that will go past the library's closing time may be scheduled, but outside doors will be locked at closing time. No keys will be given for meeting room participants to lock up the building themselves.

The library’s Meeting Room and Board Room may be reserved ahead of time by groups up to 60 persons (Meeting Room) and up to 8 persons (Board Room) for $20 deposit.  Alternate deposits may be granted by the Library Director for State-sponsored groups. Check with Library Director at time of reservation. Groups must be civic, cultural and educational in nature and appropriate to facilities.  Personal social gatherings that per etiquette should be issued a written invitation such as a reception or party are not allowed. Reservations are made by filling out form at Circulation Desk. This form must be initialed, signed and dated by a responsible person who will be in attendance at the meeting. These rooms may be available for drop-in use, with an alternate deposit such as keys or driver's license left at the front desk to ensure the rooms are left as they were found. However, it is highly suggested that reservations are made in advance to be sure the room is available.

Rooms may not be reserved for commercial purposes unless direct community-wide benefits are involved.  The library reserves the right to reject any request that has a “for profit” status.  No admittance fee may be charged nor contributions solicited, nor collections made, nor orders taken, nor selling of any kind allowed unless an approved sponsored library event.  A cost recovery fee for any materials used may be charged ONLY if written permission is granted by Library Director in advance.

Food or beverages may be served or carried into the meeting room with prior permission from Library Director.  Colored, fruit-flavored beverages or sports drinks are only allowed with prior permission from Library Director.  No alcohol may be served on city property.

Groups using the room need to bring their own paper products for serving and towels, washcloths, etc. for cleaning up.

Groups are responsible for leaving the rooms as found.  This includes:

Returning chairs and tables used to the storage room or placed back where they were found.
Putting other library equipment back where it was found-usually the store room.
Picking up and emptying trash and vacuuming, if needed.  A vacuum will be left in the storage room.
Wiping off counters and tables, rinsing out sinks, and leaving any utensils used such as coffeepots, etc. clean and put away.
Not taping signs, posters, etc. to any wood, painted or varnished surfaces.
Shutting off lights and checking bathrooms and exit door to make sure locked if group meets past library's closing time. 

Some equipment is available for in-house use.  Check with staff when filling out reservation form.  A separate deposit may be required; however, by signing the form, contact person shall be financially responsible for repair of any damages.  Definition of damages shall include, but not be limited to, dropping, breakage, and accidental damages.  Repair or replacement shall be determined, and arranged for, at the discretion of Library Director.

Rooms will be inspected by staff after use, but it is individual’s responsibility to request deposit refund.   If room is not left as found, WPL reserves right to keep deposit.  Deposits may be left on file for fiscal year; if deposits are not picked up by September 30, WPL staff will contact person to see if deposit should be shredded, mailed back, picked up, or sent to Cozad Library Foundation as a donation.  If no response from contact person after 3 attempts, deposit will be considered a donation to Cozad Library Foundation and will not be refunded. 

Use of the library's Meeting Room or Board Room DOES NOT constitute an endorsement of any organization's policies or beliefs.  No announcement, press release, flyer, etc., may state or imply that group or meeting is sponsored/ endorsed by library unless group has prior written approval from Library Director.


The Library Board establishes this financial policy to ensure fiscal accountability, appropriate use of funds in support of the Library’s mission and goals, and compliance with appropriate laws and ordinances.

The Library Director shall establish an annual budget from City funds received.  Submission for approval will go before the Library Board then submitted to the City Clerk for inclusion in the City executive budget. After adoption by the City Council, allocated funds will be made available in the library account for library materials and services.  Invoices will be forwarded to the City Clerk for payment.  The Library Director will present expenditures of budgeted funds to the Library Board for review and approval at the regular monthly meeting. 

On an annual basis, all library funds, expenditures and revenues will be audited as part of the city audit.  Any notes or communications from the City auditor regarding the Library shall be communicated with the Library Board.  Library finances will also be annually reported to the Nebraska Library Commission.


The Wilson Public Library accepts gifts of suitable materials with the understanding that they will be added to the library collection only when needed and disposed of at the discretion of the Library Director.  The same principles of selection applied to purchases are applied to gifts. Certain materials will not be accepted as donations due to space constraints such as encyclopedia sets or dictionaries more than one year old, and formats no longer actively collected by the library.

The Library does not provide appraisals of gifts or potential gifts, but will give a tax donation form upon request at the time of the donation/gift/memorial.

All donations of books and materials must be in useable physical condition.  Due to limitations of space, money, and staff, the Library reserves the right to accept or discard, at its discretion, any materials given to the Library.

Donated materials not utilized for the Library collection will be disposed of through sales and recycling as deemed appropriate by the Library Director.

Unrestricted gifts of money, lands, or property will be accepted by the Library Board and Cozad Library Foundation.

Restricted gifts or bequests may be reviewed by the Library Board before acceptance or rejection.  Restricted gifts or bequests under $100 may be accepted on behalf of the Library Board by the Library Director. 

Once accepted, all gifts become property of either the Wilson Public Library or the Cozad Library Foundation as determined by the Library Board.

The Cozad Public Library Foundation was formed to handle monetary gifts or bequests on behalf of the Wilson Public Library.


The library sets as its major goals the advancement of knowledge, the education and enlightenment of the people of the community, and the provision of recreational reading.  Basic to the policy is the Library Bill of Rights and The Freedom to Read statement adopted by the American Library Association.  Both can be found posted at the front desk.


Wilson Public Library assumes no liability for inappropriate conduct or acts conducted on the Internet. 

All patrons are allowed public computer and WIFI usage by reading the Internet: WIFI and Public Computer Use Policy and signing a Registration and User Agreement for Computer/WIFI form.  Additionally, staff may choose to review these policy statements with the person asking to use the computer/WIFI as needed. 

Parents must sign the user agreement form on behalf of their children if under 14. Additionally, that child must be able to read the permission form by themselves and understand the User Agreement for Computer/WIFI form.  

Only patrons who have a completed Registration and User Agreement for Computer/WIFI form on file and have signed in are allowed to be in the public computer lab due to space. Children under 8 may not be left unattended in the library while their parent/guardian is in the computer lab.  Laptops are available for patrons to use if they also need to supervise children under 8.  Parents/guardians are responsible for the behavior of their children. Please see the front desk for more information.

Children using the computers in the children’s area do not need signed User Agreement for Computer forms as these computers are not internet accessible. 

A computer or WIFI user must sign in and out using full, legible name, time of use, and which computer used or if WIFI is used on the provided sheet at the front desk before entering the computer lab.  The equipment will be offered on a first-come, first-served basis. 

Anyone found abusing library computers in any way or not following the rules outlined below will forfeit further computer use for an appropriate time.  This includes any tampering with library-stored data or programming on the hard disks or illegally copying copyrighted software from library computers.

Penalties for violations of the Registration and User Agreement for Computer-Technology Use form are as follows:  The first time a patron violates the agreement they will not be able to use the public access computers for 1 week, a second violation and they will not be able to use the computer for 1 month, and a third violation will mean the patron has lost the use permanently. 

Wilson Public Library reserves the right to deny internet access to any person found violating the usage policy.

Use of cell phones is not allowed in the computer lab unless authorized by staff for adequate reasons (such as assistance on a college website with the admissions office).  Please put cell phone ringer on vibrate; cell phones may be used in the north or the west entryway of the library.

Library computers are primarily for research, business, and study purposes.  Patrons may not bring in their own personal devices, CDs, software, or flash (jump) drives to play games on the Wilson Public Library computers.

The computers’ hard disk drives are for the storage of library software and information.  No one can save personal files on the hard disk drive.  Personal storage devices (ex. Flash drives) may be used; please ask staff for assistance with this.

Patrons MAY NOT use privately owned software programs on the Wilson Public Library computers.  The user MAY NOT download programs of any kind off the Internet either to a public computer or via public computer to a personal device.

Wilson Public Library computers are not to be used to view, create, transmit, print nor otherwise distribute pornographic, obscene, sexually explicit, racist, sexist, or homophobic materials.

Patrons may only use the library computers in 1/2 hour increments unless no one is waiting to use a computer.  The computer will be made available within 5 minutes of being informed by staff that another person is waiting.  Arrangements may be made with the staff in special situations.  Patrons using computers for entertainment purposes may be asked to forfeit computers before patrons using them for research/educational purposes.

The user is responsible for any damage occurring to library hardware or software due to inappropriate actions or inaction while using computers.

Use of profanity when using a computer or computers will result in forfeiting further library computer use as outlined above.

Printing costs are .20 cents per page for black and white and .50 cents per page for color.  Please ask staff for assistance before attempting to print.  Patrons are responsible for all copies printed.  Special conditions may apply as to excessive printing.

Wilson Public Library cannot control the resources on the Internet.  The Internet is not a static entity.  It changes each minute as new information is added and old information is deleted.  Some Internet sites may contain information which is inaccurate, defamatory, illegal, obscene or potentially offensive to some.  Wilson Public Library can attempt to prevent direct access to materials not generally acceptable in a public library but it is technically impossible to prevent access to all resources, which might be objectionable to some people.

The public computers do have a filter on them.  Patrons may ask the director to remove the filter for a specific educational site.  However, this may take up to 24 hours to implement.

Wilson Public Library employees are not responsible for providing personal instruction on the use of the computer or software programs but are available for quick questions.  However, staff are available for one-on-one help with specific programs under our Check Out a Librarian program.  See the front desk for more information.  Please see the director about offering specific computer related classes.

Wireless Capabilities

The Wilson Public Library provides wireless Internet connectivity as a service for users
with wireless enabled devices.  This service is not to be used as a permanent connection. 

Wireless patrons are asked to sign a Registration and User Agreement For Computer-
Technology Use form and abide by the Public Computer and Internet Use policy listed
above in order to have a password provided for the wi-fi.

Use of the wireless network is at your own risk and the Wilson Public Library is not
responsible for any damage that may occur to your wireless device while connected.

Limitations:  Wi-Fi is less secure than a wired network.  Signal strength may vary in the building. Wireless printing may be available for some devices. Please ask at the front desk for assistance.

Please be advised that:

Wilson Public Library staff members cannot configure your wireless device.
The Wilson Public Library assumes no responsibility for any alterations or interference with a device’s configuration, operation, or data files resulting from connection to the wireless network.
Virus and security protection is the user’s responsibility.  The Wilson Public Library assumes no responsibility for damage, theft, or loss of any kind to a user’s equipment, software, data files or other personal property brought into or used at the Library’s facilities.
The Wilson Public Library cannot guarantee that the service will be available at any specific time nor can the Library accept reservations for wireless access.
The connection shall not be used for illegal or time-consuming commercial purposes. 


Publicity concerning the library shall be under the direction of the Library Director, who shall inform the public of the services that the library performs and its activities as a public relations agent between the library and the community.  Full advantage will be taken of all media.

Public Relations is recognized by the Library Board as involving every person who has any connection with the Library.  The Library Board urges its own members and every staff member to realize that he or she represents the Library in every public contact.  Good service supports good public relations.  Friendliness and helpfulness to patrons reflects the image we want to project.

Special Events to promote the Library will be held. 

Wilson Public Library staff will strive to obtain written permission from patrons (and from minor’s parents/guardians) before submitting photos of Wilson Public Library events to area newspapers, posting on or on social media associated with Wilson Public Library.  Wilson Public Library cannot be responsible for photos submitted to area newspapers or other forms of social media not associated with Wilson Public Library by outside parties regarding Wilson Public Library events.


The Wilson Public Library welcomes the public to use its facilities and services.  However, the library is not a playground, recreation center, or day care facility.  Noisy or physically active behavior appropriate in such facilities is not appropriate in the library.  Section 51-212 of the Nebraska Statues specifically gives public libraries the power to regulate the use of the library and to exclude from the library persons who violate or refuse to comply with the library’s rules and regulations.  In order to prevent undue disruption of normal library activities, to provide for the general welfare of all persons using the library and to provide for general safety of children using the Wilson Public Library, the following policies have been adopted:

Use of cell phones are only allowed in the library entryways, unless permitted by library staff. 

Those with special needs related to physical or mental ability shall be attended by a responsible party as needed.  Library staff cannot be expected to provide constant care or oversight.

Patrons eight years (8) and older may use the library unattended, subject to the rules and regulations of the Wilson Public Library.  Patrons under 8 years of age shall, at all times, be attended and adequately supervised by a responsible adult. 

Damage to Library (City) Property

Per City Ordinance 6-206, it shall be unlawful for any person within the corporate limits to purposely, willfully, or maliciously injure in any manner, or destroy any real or personal property of any description belonging to another.  Should a patron destroy library property, they will be held accountable to the extent of the law as per city ordinance. 

Unattended Children

No child under 8 shall be unattended at any  time unless for a scheduled library program with specifications noted in advertising.  The responsible person for said child should plan to be at the library when such program concludes.

The Wilson Public Library assumes no responsibility for children left unattended on library premises. 

If library staff judges that any unattended child is not coping adequately, a staff member will immediately try to locate the responsible adult.  If the adult cannot be found, or if the library is closing, the staff will contact the police department for assistance.  The staff will under no circumstance take the child out of the building.

Violations of Behavior

Should a staff member need to intervene with a patron’s behavior, the following shall be in effect:  The first time a staff member approaches a patron regarding inappropriate behavior, the patron will receive a warning.  If a staff member must approach a patron again regarding the same behavior on the same day, the staff member may choose to either give another warning or ask patron to leave the building for the remainder of the day.  Should patron behavior continue on a regular basis, the Library Director may choose to implement the following:  no public library access for 1 week, a second violation:  no public library access for 1 month, and a third violation will mean the patron must petition the Library Board in writing for future privileges of using the public library.


As the Wilson Public Library is a City entity, all City Personnel Policies and Procedures supercede elaborated personnel policies listed herein per City of Cozad Dawson County Nebraska Personnel Policies and Procedures 1.50 Coverage of the Rules.  Staff are required to read and are given a copy of the current policies and procedures manual on the first day of employment.  There is a current copy of this document in the staff area and available from the Library Director.


Per City of Cozad Dawson County Personnel Policies and Procedures Chapter 6. 

Employee Benefits

Vacation :  Full time employees working a minimum of 40 hours per week shall be entitled to vacation with pay; length of time per City of Cozad Dawson County Personnel Policies and Procedures Chapter 4.  The Library Director is responsible to arrange vacation schedules so that the library is staffed during all regular scheduled "open" days.

Employee Dress Code

Every employee representing the Wilson Public Library is expected to maintain a high standard of dress and grooming.  Clothing worn to work should not detract from presenting a professional appearance. Clothing worn on the job must be in good taste, clean, neat and reflect the requirements of working in the library.  If an employee is uncertain regarding appropriate clothing, ask the Library Director. 

Dress jeans may be worn on Fridays, at the discretion of the Library Director.  Shorts or jeans, that are in good taste, may be worn by those working in the children’s department during special children’s programming or when there is an outdoor activity and must be permitted by Library Director.   


The Wilson Public Library is an equal opportunity employer.

Applicants are required to complete a standard job application and have an interview, if requested by the Library Director.  With the approval of the Library Board, the Library Director will recommend qualified personnel to the Mayor for employment.

Per City of Cozad Dawson County Personnel Policies and Procedures Chapter 7, prerequisite to permanent employment is a probationary period of up to six months during which time the Library Director may recommend dismissal of an employee to the Mayor, with the Library Board's approval.  Following the probationary period, employees may be dismissed per City of Cozad Dawson County Personnel Policies and Procedures Chapter 6. 

All employees are responsible to the Library Director and the Library Director is responsible to the Library Board and the Mayor. 

Fringe Benefits

Per City of Cozad Dawson County Personnel Policies and Procedures Chapter 3.

Grievances and Appeals

 Per City of Cozad Dawson County Personnel Policies and Procedures Chapter 5.

Insurance and Workman's Compensation

Full time employees are covered by all city insurance per City of Cozad Dawson County Personnel Policies and Procedures Chapter 3.  Employees on duty for the library are covered by Workman's Compensation Laws of Nebraska (contact City Office for questions).


The Library Director may grant leave without loss of pay per City of Cozad Dawson County Personnel Policies and Procedures Chapter 4.  Employees are granted leave for jury duty and required court appearances per City of Cozad Dawson County Personnel Policies and Procedures Chapter 4.  Full time employees shall earn vacation and sick leave per year cumulative as set up per City of Cozad Dawson County Personnel Policies and Procedures Chapter 4.  In case of extended illness, the City may authorize earned vacation to follow expenditure of sick leave.  Staffing the library in case of illness will be arranged at the discretion of the Library Director, either by trading work days, or calling in part time help.


An employee may resign from the City service by presenting his/her resignation in writing at least ten (10) working days prior to the effective date.  All employees resigning are subject to the resignation policy per City of Cozad Dawson County Personnel Policies and Procedures Chapter 6.

Responsibilities and Duties of Library Director

General administration of the library, following policies agreed upon by the Library Board
Build the library collection.
Select and maintain materials
Weed 3-5% of collection per year.  (Nebraska Library Commission recommendation)
Understand how to use all library equipment including a working knowledge of the technology lab and library software programs
Maintain current and accurate files and records
Send statistical reports to Nebraska Library Commission when due
Present monthly library report to the Library Board
Manage personnel, scheduling hours for work, etc.
Supervise all library policies.
Supervise all programs and services
Attend all Library Board meetings
Oversee building maintenance
Maintain active program of public relations
Affiliate with state and national professional organizations and attend professional meetings and workshops
Attend Cozad City Council Meetings as required by the Mayor

Salaries and Wages

The Library Board will recommend to the City Council for their approval a wage for each employee in the yearly Library budget request and per City of Cozad Dawson County Personnel Policies and Procedures Chapter 3.  Pay is subject to deductions required by law.


The library staff will provide guidance and assistance for people to obtain the information they seek as recorded in print, audio-visual, video, computer, and digital format as time allows.

The library will initiate programs to stimulate the use of library materials for people of all ages. 

The library will cooperate with civic and community agencies and organizations to help with program materials.

The library will at all opportunities cooperate with others to strengthen the services and resources of all.  The library therefore reserves the right to limit or extend the number of books and length of time items are taken out of the library. 

The Library Board recognizes that no single library can meet all demands in its community.  Because of this, full advantage shall be taken of interlibrary loan services.

The library will provide technology services as needed through requests and funding by the City of Cozad. 

Services shall not be denied or abridged because of religious, racial, social, economic or political status.

Some services that the library offers may not be available to non-residents as subscription rates are calculated by local taxpayers served. 

The use of the library or its services may be denied for due cause.  Such cause may be failure to return property or to pay penalties, destruction of library property, disturbance of other patrons, or any other objectionable conduct on library premises. Time limit restrictions as to when a patron may use the library again can be set by the Library Board or Library Director as the need arises.

Circulation of Library Materials

All borrowers must have a library card or be listed as a user on a family card in order to check out items . 

Books, audio cassettes, and audio cds shall be issued for a two-week period.  Maximum renewals will be an additional two times or a total of six weeks.  Materials may not be renewed by the patron if there is a reserve on the book.   

Reference books are designated for use within the library, unless cataloged and processed for check-out.  Under certain circumstances, a reference book may be checked out overnight, with the approval of the Library Director (Ex. If a teacher or business professional makes an overnight request, the Library Director may give approval.)  Library materials may be put on reserve to allow more students access to the material within the library. 

Periodicals may be checked out for two weeks with renewals allowed for another two weeks.  The most current edition of the magazine may be used only in the library.

Videotape and DVD check-out is for three days with a 3 item limit per household or at the same address for this category.  Age is no determination for video/DVD check out.  Staff has the right to seek parental approval if irresponsible behavior has been displayed in not getting the videos/DVDs back, paying the fine in a timely manner, or returning the material in need of repair.  Videos and DVDs may be renewed once before they must be returned.

Cake pans may be checked out for 1 week with one renewal before return.

Equipment Loan

Patron must be a registered cardholder in good standing (Fines under $10.00 on account). Patron must leave name, address, and phone number when checking out equipment. Patrons under the age of 16 may not check out any equipment.  Patron is responsible for replacement value of equipment if damage occurs.  Equipment is for overnight
check out only.  (Exceptions-weekends and holidays.)  Staff may use their discretion on this.  Library Board members, library employees, and the city office are not required to make a deposit on AV equipment.  Deposits for particular  equipment are listed below.The Library Director may waive a deposit.  The following equipment is available for patron check out:

Overhead projector ($25)
Screen ($25)
Proxima Ultralight LS1 Multimedia projector ($100)
ViewSonic PJD5352 ($100)

Some equipment may be used in-house with no deposit.  One 26 inch TV, a VCR player, a VCR to DVD recorder, a DVD player, a BOSE cd player, an overhead projector, laptops, a typewriter, microfilm reader, headphones, and a screen in the Conference Room can be used by the public during regular hours.  See staff for details.  It is a good idea to reserve the  equipment when reserving either the Conference or Board Room.
Faxing services

There is a $1.00 per page outgoing and incoming charge.  Nebraska tax is included in the incoming charge. 


Ultimate responsibility for an overdue item lies upon the cardholder as all items are stamped upon checkout with a due date.  The library sends daily overdue emails, weekly overdue letters by mail for those who do not have an email address, monthly overdue letters to all patrons, and may also choose to call patrons regarding an overdue item if other patrons are waiting for said item.  After 60 days, the Library Director will send a letter noting what is overdue, cost to replace item(s), as well as any other prior fines.

20 cents a day shall be charged for each overdue item except cake pans and discovery packs (50 cents) and dvds/videos ($1.00). Weekend and holiday drop-offs are taken into account when figuring fines.

Patrons will not be charged a fine greater than the cost of the item.

Patrons may not check out any items if fines or lost items exceed $10.

All fines totaling $10.00 and above must be paid in full before patron checkout privileges are reinstated.  

Any person failing to return books or other library materials due to their loss or destruction will be assessed a fine as indicated above.  When an item is reported lost, the fine is stopped and the patron is give a reasonable time to find it.  All lost items shall be charged the price listed at the time of purchase.  Prices are listed in the database.   

Borrowing privileges will be restricted and the patron's name may be turned over to the City

Attorney after material has been delinquent for a period of more than 60 days or if the fine
exceeds the cost of the item before 60 days.

Prior to any legal action, every attempt will be made to recover overdue materials directly from the patron.

Any items returned damaged by the patron may be assessed the replacement value.

Checks returned for insufficient funds must be taken care of at the City Office and an overdraft fee will be added to the charge. Upon notice of an insufficient check, patrons will not be allowed to check out or renew items until said check has been cleared at the City Office. Additional fines accrued during this time must be paid in full and in cash before further checkouts are allowed. Additional restrictions to the account may be implemented upon notice of an insufficient check, including, but no limited to: checks no longer being accepted for any type of payment; number of checkouts allowed; minimized time period for checkouts; or use of library in any capacity. For a family card, restrictions will apply to all persons listed on the account. A patron may discuss restrictions with the Director and appeal to the Library Board if necessary.

Holidays or Special Occasions
The library shall be closed on holidays per City of Cozad Dawson County Personnel Policies and Procedures Chapter 4.  If December 24th or December 31st, falls on a weekday, the library shall be open 10-3:30pm or according to City closing.  Other potential closures shall be presented to the Library Board at a regularly scheduled monthly meeting and, upon approval, presented to the Mayor and City Council.

If the need arises the Library Director may arrange morning hours for school visits, during Summer Reading Program, or other special activities.

The decision to close the library due to weather or other factors such as a special occasion will be made in consultation with the city office, the Library Board president or other board member if the president is unavailable.

Since the West Ward votes at the library, one librarian shall be on duty to monitor library interests on all voting days. 

In-Library Use

 Within the library, the use of all materials is free to all.

Insufficient Checks

Checks returned for insufficient funds on public services must be taken care of at the City Office and an overdraft fee will be added to the charge. Upon notice of an insufficient check, patrons must pay in cash for further public services. Restrictions for insufficient funds for payment of fines are addressed under "Fines." A patron may discuss restrictions with the Director and appeal to the Library Board if necessary."

Interlibrary Loan

As defined by the Interlibrary Loan Code for the United States, "Interlibrary loan is the process by which a library requests material from, or supplies material to, another library.”   The purpose of interlibrary loan as defined by this policy is to obtain, upon request of a library cardholder, material not available in the Wilson Public Library.

If a particular item is not available at Wilson Public Library, a library patron may recommend a title for the library to consider purchasing by filling out a form at the front desk.  If the item does not fit within the parameters of Collection Development or is no longer available for purchase, a library patron may request that Wilson Public Library borrow said item from another library for a nominal fee (generally return postage plus a $2.00 processing fee) for a specific time frame, again by filling out a form at the front desk.  The library patron must be a registered cardholder with fines under $10.00 for interlibrary loan.

If the item can be borrowed from another institution, the library patron will be contacted before Wilson Public Library requests the item from the particular institution, advising borrower of nominal fee, length of checkout, as well as the overall protection of said item.  Wilson Public Library will honor the due date and enforce any use restrictions specified by the supplying library, or request a renewal before the item is due.  Any borrowed item returned damaged by the patron may be assessed the replacement value in addition to the original loan fee.

Patrons will be limited to five active requests at any given time and regardless of format. This includes requests that are pending, in process, shipped, and received/in use.

Patrons who do not comply with these regulations are subject denial of further interlibrary loan privileges.

Additionally, other borrowers from other libraries may request items owned by Wilson Public Library.  Dvds, vhs tapes, and books on tape/cd are not loaned out by Wilson Public Library via Online Computer Library Center (OCLC) request, but may be checked out by Nebraska libraries who call with an inquiry.  Other items are loaned out via policy in place at OCLC.  Wilson Public Library reserves the right to deny loans of items less than a year old or historical items in our collection.  The Library also reserves the right to recall loaned items that have been requested by our own patrons.

Lamination /Overhead plastic

At $1.00 per running foot, 24 hour notice is appreciated in order to laminate items in a timely manner.  Plastic sheets for overhead use are available to purchase at $0.50 per piece.  Nebraska tax is included in the charge for these services.

Library Cards

Nebraska residents may secure physical library materials use privileges by filling out an application card and showing a current Nebraska driver’s license or Nebraska photo ID.  If a current, permanent address (no POB allowed) is not on the license or ID, a piece of mail showing current Nebraska mailing address is also required.  A Nebraska resident with a new card is limited to 3 items checked out at any given time for the first month. 

If a patron does not have a current Nebraska driver’s license nor a permanent Nebraska address (ex. Living in the hotel in Cozad), said patron shall be restricted to a temporary card allowing only 3 items to be checked out at all times until a Nebraska driver’s license and permanent Nebraska address can be verified.

Patrons may not use an account that does not have their name registered as a user.

Individual cardholders are not allowed to share cards. 

Family cards are available for related parties living at the same address.  Children who live in multiple homes may not be on multiple cards. They should only be listed on the primary guardian's card, whether this is a parent, guardian, or grandparent.

Any cardholder who has a penalty of $10 or more will be denied access to checking out materials from the library until fine is paid in its entirety. 

The Library Director can restrict material access to all patrons from one family due to abuse of their library privilege or to unrelated cardholders residing at the same address. This can include not letting any family member check out items until all fines, penalties, etc. are paid. 

Operating Hours

            Monday-Thursday      10-7 p.m.

            Friday                          10-5 p.m.

           Saturday                      10-1 p.m.


Homebound Services provide library materials to those who are physically unable to leave their homes and cannot utilize traditional public library service.  Any resident of Cozad living within city limits who has difficulty coming to the library due to a variety of reasons is welcome to apply for this service.  Homebound patrons do need a library card and a telephone in order to participate.  Applications for homebound services are available at the front desk or by calling 308-784-2019. 

Upon acceptance into the program, deliveries and pick-up of library items are made to the patron’s home every two weeks on a mutually agreed upon date and time by the Homebound Services Coordinator and patron via telephone. Every effort will be made by the Homebound Services Coordinator to choose books or audiobooks that meet the patron’s interests.  


A 20 cent fee per black and white page and 50 cents per color print from the computer printers will be charged to the patron within the library.  This includes paying for “mistakes” made by the patron.  Nebraska tax is included in the charge.

Color copies are $0.50 per page from the front copier and 20 cents for black and white copies.   Nebraska tax is included in the charge.

Microfilm copies are $0.20 per page and are only available in black and white.

Replacement of Lost/Damaged Materials

Replacement of damaged material is the responsibility of the patron who last had the item checked out.  The preferred method of replacement is through either the payment for the item checked out (and a new title will be ordered) or the donation of a new copy of the same title in the same format.  Second choice is with a donation of a new copy of a similar title in similar format, with prior approval of the Library Director.  Damaged individual audio cds or dvds that can be repaired will be charged $1.00 per cd/dvd.  From funds received, lost/damaged items will be replaced via the appropriate budget line and in line with Materials Selection Policy.

Materials are valued at full cover price, which may be found on the item’s catalog record.  If this is not available then the full cover cost from the replacement's vendor will be substituted.

Magazine issues are valued at $5 each unless otherwise noted in catalog.

DVD, video or cassette boxes, cassette bags, and other AV accessories are valued at $6 each.

Replacement of lost material is the same as for damaged material.  However, if the patron feels the item(s) may turn up they should be renewed until the maximum fine (which is the cost of the item) is reached, then moved to Lost as per the procedures manual.  The patron will then have 60 days before restitution is required.

No return of replaced material or money will be made if the original item is found. Upon paid replacement of damaged material, said item will be deleted from library’s catalog and damaged item is given to patron or discarded by Director.


Conventions, Meetings, Seminars, Travel

The library encourages the attendance of all staff members and Library Board members at professional meetings, conferences and conventions. 

Library funds will pay for mileage at the going rate per mile only if city vehicles are unavailable as per City of Cozad Dawson County Personnel Policies and Procedures Chapter 3 and registration fees for staff members and Library Board members who attend state and district library meetings per City of Cozad Dawson County Personnel Policies and Procedures Chapter 3.  All other expenses will be paid for the meetings that are library related per rate allowed per City of Cozad Dawson County Personnel Policies and Procedures Chapter 3.   


Library funds shall pay state, regional and national association dues for the library when approved by the Library Board.  Library funds shall also pay dues for interested Library Board members, the Library Director, and interested staff for the Nebraska Library Association. 


Materials which are no longer useful in the light of stated objectives of the library will be systematically weeded from the collection according to accepted professional practices. 

Such materials may then be given to the Cozad Library Foundation for their ongoing book sale based upon free will donations as part of the library's scheduled events, and if in poor condition, materials will be disposed of or recycled at the discretion of the Library Director.                                       

Monies collected through book sales will be recorded in due form and given to the Cozad Library Foundation on a monthly basis.

These policies were reviewed by the Wilson Public Library Board on January 9, 2018. Signatures of Board Members on file at the Wilson Public Library
910 Meridian Avenue - Cozad, NE 69130
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